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Our monthly gatherings are in the Parish Hall and for you.

Come learn, laugh, love, pray and enjoy something delicious with your
ACTS brothers and sisters.

Women's ACTS - 2nd Thursdays 6:30 pm         Men's ACTS - 3rd Fridays 6:30 am

We'll send you an email reminder. Feel free to contact Lupita G. 210-844-9412
or Will G. 210-859-1972 for more information.


The Blessed Sacrament ACTS Core is pleased to announce that the following individuals comprise the members of our community’s ACTS Core for 2019:

Janet Ayers Anthony Charles Larry Grohman
Allen Kaufman Annette Reyes Samantha Riojas
Charles Robles Yvette Shipley Amanda Shropshire
Wayne Terry Cindy Valenzuela Jose Vasquez

Please feel free to contact any of these members with your questions, concerns or suggestions regarding ACTS at Blessed Sacrament.


ACTS Core Facilitator
Charles Robles








ACTS stands for Adoration, Community, Theology and Service. ACTS retreats are presented by a team of men, women, or teens from the parish with spiritual direction provided throughout the weekend.



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