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Special notes about Life Teen and Confirmation:

As we await the appointment of a new coordinator of high school youth ministry, Destiny Garcia has agreed to be the point of contact for both Life Teen and Confirmation effective October 16, 2016. If you have any questions about either program, please feel free to reach out to her. In the meantime, both programs will continue as scheduled! Destiny will be sending out information via Remind (for registered teens and their parents), but you can also find the schedules and registration information for both programs on the sidebar of each respective webpage.

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we enter into this time of transition! Destiny can be reached on her cell phone at (210) 467-7783, or you can continue to email Thank you!


Life Teen is a Eucharist-centered approach to youth ministry that seeks to draw high school aged teens closer to Christ and the Church. 

All high school youth are invited to come to our weekly sessions at or NEW TIME from 3:00 - 5:00pm in the Parish Center. Life Teen is the primary source of religious education for high school teens. These sessions are designed to serve the spiritual, educational, and social needs of our teens through dynamic and prayerful presentations by the Life Teen Core Team. The teachings all have their basis in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Life Teen focuses on how to live the faith in today's culture and teens are sent forth with the challenge to live it. A snack is provided and each session ends with the 5:00pm Life Teen Mass. 
The 5:00pm Life Teen Mass is open to everyone in the parish, and is designed to be especially welcoming and meaningful to high school and middle school youth. The musicians at this Mass lead us in prayer and worship through contemporary Christian music and teens actively serve the community at Mass as greeters, ushers, altar servers, and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Teens and their families are highly encouraged to come to this Mass as a way of celebrating the Eucharist with the youth community and their families.

Want to help?

If you feel God is calling you to help with our Life Teen program we'd love to have you! There are several ways you can help:

Prayer - Please pray for our leaders of Life Teen - That they stay close to our God and open to His will in ministry as well as their daily lives so that they may live as disciples leading teens closer to Christ. Please pray as well for the teens who participate in the Life Teen program around the world - That they may be open to what God has to share with them through the ministry of Life Teen, and that they receive the grace and strength to live it.

Donation – There are many financial demands of the Life Teen program and we don’t always have the funds to do everything we’d like to. Your donation can go toward training for the Core Team of Life Teen; Supplies to run Life Nights; Retreats and conferences for high school students, and much more! If you feel God is calling you to this service, please contact the parish office at (210) 824-7231 to make donation arrangements.

Volunteer – Life Teen is almost completely run by volunteers! People called to this ministry are vital to every aspect of Life Teen. We need help with everything from preparing food for Life Nights to chaperones for retreats and conferences to being on the Core Team that helps run Life Nights every week. If you feel God calling you to volunteer in the Life Teen ministry, please contact Destiny Garcia at (210) 824-7231 ext. 23 to set up an interview.


For more information about Life Teen at Blessed Sacrament, call Destiny Garcia at (210) 824-7231, ext. 23. 

For more information on the Life Teen program world wide, visit the Life Teen web site.




               ONLINE                REGISTRATION OPENS JULY 1, 2017


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